Ocean – The Remixes available now
Summer 2014 was pretty hot, and although it’s almost over, Alek Sandar seeks to continue the party by releasing a remix bundle for his song „Ocean“. Fans and followers will dive into new styles and rediscover Alek’s emblematic tune „My love is deep like the ocean“ in a heavy bass-driven EDM Remix, a dub step remix produced with Bulgarian hip-hop star Angel Kovachev (from the smash-hit duo „Angel & Moisey“), an EDM instrumental version for the night clubs and a summer dance radio version of the song.
Weeks ago, Alek also presented a Bulgarian version of the song called Dai mi da the vliubia. It is astonishing that the young artist produced both the audio and video for Ocean.

Alek premiered the EDM Version during the gala finale of the chinese reality TV show CA Model Competition at Terminal 5 in New York a couple of days ago. Earlier this summer, German fans went crazy during Alek’s performance at the SommerLochFestival in Brunswick, Germany. Clubs in Washington DC, Chicago and Sofia, Bulgaria, further hosted the young musician this summer.
In addition to his work as recording artist, Alek continues to work as a music producer for international artists. This season, Bulgarian artists Galin, Kamelia, Krum and Desislava released or are about to release singles produced by the Bulgarian-born New Yorker.

You can get „Ocean – The Remixes“ on iTunes Amazon Beatport and all other digital music stores.

Alek Sandar directs a fashion film for his new song “Ocean”
Alek Sandar makes us dive in an ocean of love with his new track “Ocean”. The video clip is a summer fashion film shot in New York.

Music: Alek Sandar, Lyrics: Tara Laswell, Video Director: ALek Sandar, Cinematography: Peter Dmitryev, Art Director: Gerrold Vincent, Hair: Janice LaTorre

Andrea and Alek Sandar Speak Out: “The Human Rights Situations in Ukraine and Russia are Unacceptable”
The Eastern Europeans raise awareness of human rights violations, support LGBT community

On thursday, the World Day of Social Justice, Two well-known Eastern European pop artists, Andrea and Alek Sandar, have released a new music video called “Peaceful Place” in response to recent human rights violations in Ukraine and Russia. Using information provided by the Human Rights Watch and Human Rights House and footage provided by Reuters, the music video calls for delivery human rights for Ukraine and LGBT equality and non-discrimination for Russia. “We want to show love to our Eastern European brothers and sisters during this political uproar”, say the artists. „Ukraine and Russia are moving back to a more totalitarian state and we want to make a statement that this is wrong“.

To raise the awareness of the issues, the video illustrates topics, such as discrimination, freedom of expression, and education on the acceptance of the LGBT community with children and teenagers in an abandoned Roma slum neighborhood in Sofia, Bulgaria. The video clip shows Andrea and Alek Sandar holding a rainbow flag surrounded by Roma children. “If we did this in Russia, we would be in jail now”, says Alek in an interview with national Bulgarian media. Andrea and Alek Sandar are from Bulgaria, which has historical and cultural closely allied with former Soviet Bloc. Recently, an anti-gay-propaganda-law was proposed in Bulgaria by one of their leading parties. With „Peaceful Place“, Alek and Andrea aim to open up the international communication on the issue and contribute to a more tolerance towards the LGBT community in Bulgaria.

The “Peaceful Place” song begins and ends with calls for action: “It’s time for a change” and “It is our divine duty to make this earth a peaceful place”. The release of the video “Peaceful Place” marks the beginning of a nationwide campaign through events and media appearances in support of human rights in Bulgaria.

Everybody can engage in the conversation via hastag #peacefulplace. The song is available for free download at https://soundcloud.com/aleksandarofficial/andrea-alek-sandar-peaceful

Alek Sandar – The First Bulgarian Artist with a VEVO Channel

Alek Sandar is the first Bulgarian artist with an official channel at VEVO, the video hosting service operated by Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Google.
Having an inspiring and motivational year filled with international performances and many multinational music projects, Alek Sandar has finished work on his debut EP “Meteors”. The mini-album will be released digitally globally on January 31st. The “Meteors” EP features five compositions written by Alek and was produced by the Manhattan-based producer crew Boyplay. The EP includes award-winning hits “It Ain’t Over” and “You and Me” with Bulgarian icon Dess (a.k.a. Desislava) and a duet with Balkan pop sensation Andrea.

The impressive video of the pilot song “Say That You Love Me” was shot in Manhattan, New York City. “I was very excited to shoot on these locations. The female model flew in all the way from London to make out with me,. By shooting in places such as the world famous Plaza Hotel on Fifth Avenue or a Parkview Developers Penthouse with breathtaking views on Central Park South, Alek Sandar proves that independent artists can also record on locations that are usually exclusive only to multi-million-dollar Hollywood productions. “Sometimes you should dream big, as most things are possible, especially if you are surrounded by the right team of enthusiasts and people who believe in your magic.” The multitalented young musician co-directed and produced the video himself.

View “Say That You Love Me” on YouTube VEVO vBox7

Alek and Dess throw huge party at the Black Sea to celebrate the release of their new video clip

After performing in Las Vegas, London, Berlin, New York and at the Vienna Life Ball earlier this summer, Alek Sandar dedicated the hottest weeks of the year to his Bulgarian fans. The headliner of the first DOMA Art Festival in Sofia teamed up with Eastern European superstar Dess (Desislava) for a second time to record and shoot one of the big summer hits this year in Bulgaria, Alek Sandar – You and Me (feat. Dess & Boyplay). The single was released internationally last week and is now available in all global online stores, including Beatport, iTunes, Amazon and many more. The remix bundle includes progressive house, deep house remixes and a Bulgarian version of the song. “The song was adapted very quickly by the Bulgarian Media and a lot our Bulgarian fans asked for a Bulgarian version. If they want it – they get it”, Alek Sandar says. To make the package compete, Alek recorded an unplugged version on the rooftop of an elite hotel in central Sofia.

In July 2013, celebrities and media from all over the country gathered to celebrate the video premiere of “You and Me” at the famous Cacao Beach in the Sunny Beach Resort. New York avant-garde legend Yozmit flew in from London to pop bottles with Dess, Alek, Balkan Superstar Andrea, and her boyfriend, European champion boxer Kubrat Pulev.
“We had a Yacht, fire effects, rented a helicopter and shot with the best professionals from the entire country. Dess and Alek are true pioneers in Bulgarian pop music and deserve the very best”, Atanas Lozanov, producer of the video at Flashmedia, adds.

In 2012, Alek and Dess took the Bulgarian charts by storm with their duet It Ain’t Over. The single got airplay in various European countries and the USA, forming the beginning of a wave of music projects between the two artists. You And Me and Baby (a solo song by Dess produced by Alek Sandar) are follow-up dance projects targeted to an international audience, while Alek and Dess also prepare other songs for the Bulgarian market.
At the same time Alek is currently producing music for Balkan Divas Kamelia and Andrea as well as other international names to be announced soon.

Alek is currently in New York for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, where he premiered “You and Me” to the American audience in the Soho Grand Hotel. Alek’s appearances at thе Calvin Klein, Burberry, DNKY, Ralph Rucci & Long Tran fashion shows and after parties were followed closely by the Bulgarian media and evoked a wave of euphoria among his fans.

While You and Me is just taking off on a global level, Alek Sandar already shot video material for two of his next singles in New York. “I can’t wait to share them with the public, but it will probably take a couple of months to release these songs”, Alek concludes.
Alek Sandar at the New York Fashion Week 2013, Lincoln Center


After several months of DJ-ing and performing in nightclubs in New York, Las Vegas and L.A., Bulgaro-German recording artist Alek Sandar is back in Europe to present his collaboration with the New Yorker avant-garde sensation Yozmit and to release his debut album.

Alongside world-class celebrities like Adam Lambert, Carmen Electra and Fergie, Alek Sandar was flown in from New York to the Vienna Life Ball (Austria), the biggest charity event in Europe fighting against HIV and AIDS. The 25-year-old music producer and Yozmit performed “Manger Avec Moi”, a song both artists wrote and produced in London earlier this year. They took stage at “Bartschland”, hosted by nightlife icon Susanne Bartsch during Life Ball this year.
“From the private jet through the ball to the after party; we all had a lot of fun! I hope we all made a contribution to help fighting one of humanities’ biggest enemy – HIV.”, the young artist reveals.

Right after Life Ball, Alek Sandar and Yozmit arrived in Sofia, Bulgaria, to headline the first national Doma Art Festival. In addition to opening the official ceremony for the festival, Alek and Yozmit will present several multi-genre performances, including live concerts, DJ Sets, audio-visual installations, a museum exhibition, improvised piano performances and TV appearances in Bulgarian TV formats. The party will continue in London, where the two artists will be performing at the infamous club “The Box” later this month.

Furthermore, Alek reveals the release of several musical collaborations Eastern Europe has been awaiting for long. After the release of “BABY” and “YOU AND ME” – two EDM-pop tracks with DESS and the New Yorker producer crew Boyplay, Balkan music lovers will also hear two ethno-dance compositions for the Bulgarian superstars Kamelia and Desislava (Dess) to be released next month.

Finally, the young artist announces the release of his debut album this summer. “It is a project written and recorded across two continents – in New York, Berlin and Sofia. I worked on it with several international producers and am very excited to share it with the public”.


Alek Sandar and Dess a.k.a. Desislava teamed up to break the Bulgarian charts with their dance tune I Adore You“. Dess is considered one of the greatest voices and most famous female singers of contemporary Bulgarian music. The music has been produced by Alek in collaboration with the american producer crew Boyplay in New York. The cinematic video for “It Ain’t Over” was shot in Berlin in October. The two artists have already announced that the single is just the beginning of a long-term music collaboration, as Alek will write and produce several songs for the talented female singer in the coming year.

Alek and Dess premiered the song in BTV’s “Slavi’s Show” – the most popular late night TV show in Bulgaria.

“It Ain’t Over” OUT NOW!


Splendid Sounds Records release “Alek Sandar – I Adore You“, a project mixing tradition and future. The romantic, melancholic melody is emphasized by a mixture of orchestrated live instruments along with saw basses and electronic effects. The chorus aims to bring the listener back to earlier years, having a nostalgic notion of familiarity. In the video, Alek is seeking his childhood love, lost in the streets of the big city. Both of them having in mind the youthful picture of romantic love, they fail to find the way back to each other. Their story culminates with the girl shooting a red balloon – a symbol of their dreams of a perfect love.
“I Adore You is a project I’ve worked on for over half a year. I put my heart and soul in this production. It is real. It is me”, the young musician reveals. Next to melody, music production and lyrics, Alek Sandar is also creative director of the cinematographic clip shot in New York. Alek premiered the video during a press conference in Sofia, Bulgaria on October 4th. “I Adore You” OUT NOW!

08/06/2012: Alek Sandar is one of the finalists in the the Remix Competition for Kimbras Hitsingle Settle Down on Soundcloud

Kimbra and her team picked Alek Sandar’s Remix entry to be one of the winners in the remix competition the label Earmilk organized last month. Alek’s production is a playful mix incorporating Kimbra’s lead melodies along with tons of effects, tunes and twists in a bumping dance beat. Kimbra – Settle Down (Alek Sandar Remix) is a great addition to the new single of the Australian-born superstar who became world-known for her megahit with Gotye “Somebody That I Used To Know”.

18/05/2012: Yozmit’s first single Sound Of New Pussy is available on iTunes globally today


The world is ready for a new era. An era free of stereotypes, hatred and conventional thinking; a new era with a new sound – the “Sound Of New Pussy”. With her first single and her ritualistic performance art, Yozmit combines pop culture, dance, fashion, mythology, and shamanism onto a single canvas. Yozmit utilizes her avant-garde art, presented to a mainstream audience, as a medium of healing of the human consciousness.

Her main message “The Soul Has No Gender” is presented to the listeners in 3 different languages throughout the song: English, ancient Korean and a language only Yozmit can speak. In “Sound Of New Pussy”, the listener can hear the divine, non-spoken language Yozmit is channeling. On the musical level, Splendid Sounds’ music producer Alek Sandar further enhances the holy meaning of the Pāramitā by a special “Divine Dub Version” combining traditional Buddhist chanting and modern Dub Step Elements. Alek Sandar’s Divine Dub and Splendid Chant Version encompass a unique, unprecedented sound, leaving behind rules in music making, disregarding norms in commercial song production and forming a new resonance combining our future and our past.

Yozmit will premiere her first single Sound Of New Pussy live on stage of the 2012 Vienna Life Ball on may 19th 2012. The show will be broadcasted live on Austrian national TV station ORF2 from 7pm CET on May 19th 2012.

Sound Of New Pussy and the special mixes are available on iTunes today.

Buy Sound Of New Pussy on iTunes now and click HERE

1/1/2012: New York’s most powerful creatures in Alek Sandar’s “Creature In Me” Videtorial

The first milestone of 2012 is the release of Alek Sandar’s solo single “Creature In Me”, a contemporary approach to commercial club music; composed, written and produced by the talented young artist himself.
Inspired by, and packed with, numerous infamous night life shining lights and artists from New York, Alek Sandar gives his debut as Creative Director in the official video clip to encompass the release of “Creature In Me” on January 1st 2012. This fashion film videtorial features one of a kind designs, jewelry, shoes and costumes created by some of New York’s most high-end designers. The viewer is enchanted by Cirque du Soleil artists, international performers and a very special guest appearance by fellow Splendid Sounds Records artist Yozmit.

But see for yourself how Alek Sandar fights the battle with the Creature in himself, how Good and Evil antagonize to the bitter end and what roles fashion, love, betrayal, God and belief play in Alek Sandar’s artistic approach to expressing his inner self.